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Service Agreements

In Just 30 Days!

Don't start every month from zero.
Imagine getting a $10k recurring cash injection
on the first of EVERY month like clockwork

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Get your service plan FINALLY done today...


Without the nagging concern it won't be profitable.

Without worrying about how to price it.

Without spending hours trying to figure it out yourself.

 Without the fear that nobody will buy it.

Without copying some random guy's ideas that don't work anyway.


Follow this simple step by step proven process to get your service plan done in a morning... and start selling it in the afternoon!


Stop messing about and JFDI!



3 Biggest Differences

Struggle vs. Success

96% of owners never get off the tools.
Only 4% are a Real CEO.

Why is that?


Difference #1

Business Focus


The 96% Overthink It & Do Nothing

They know they need to get their service agreements sorted out, but never get round to actually doing it - they just wish they had one.

They convince themselves that it would not be profitable and no one round here would really buy it anyway.

The 4% Focus On Recurring Income

These guys have a signature world class maintenance agreement in place that actually sells!

They focus on building their service base, and have a solid product and mechanism that brings them in a recurring income every month.


Difference #2

Structure & Process



The 96% Think Activity is Growth

They are badly organised and have no structure or recurring services in their business. They are busy fools.

They realise that they need systems and processes to help them grow, but they never actually stop for long enough to implement any real changes. They just chase the dollars.

They tell themselves that time is short and only focus on activity today, rather than long term sustainable growth and stability.

The 4% Build Processes to Grow

They have a simple process that brings the dollars to them consistently.

They have a signature product with a built in referral machine because they know service agreement customers will feed their business pipeline regularly.

They strategically use their world class product across all their marketing to build a legacy business that will stand for decades.



Difference #3

Stability & Retention



The 96% Work to Get Cash Today

These guys trade their time for money.

They believe that doing ten service calls in a day is good business.

They are in and out of the customer’s house in a flash, get it fixed, get paid and move on.

These are the instantly forgettable one and done guys that live on a hamster wheel and leave a ton of cash on the table for their competition to collect.

They struggle to manage their cash flow and lay people off in the shoulder season.

The 4% Get Long Term Prosperity

But the successful business owners recognise the Lifetime Value of their customers and develop a business around capturing that.

They create loyal raving fans, and benefit from having a solid database that brings in recurring revenue and referrals like clockwork.

They have a simple mechanism to sell maintenance agreements, because they see the long term value in forming a lifetime relationship with their customers.

They enjoy certainty, stability and predictable growth all year round.

Can you see it?

chasing money all year.

They Focus on
Stability& Recurring Revenue!


Every successful HVAC business has service agreements!

They bring financial stability
and peace of mind.



Service Agreements will give you a cash injection
on the first of every month without fail.

You do the work once. You put the system in place. You watch your business grow.

Every. Single. Day..... Forever.


Here is EVERYTHING You Need to Go

From Zero to 100
Service Agreements
in Just 30 Days!


Fast Start Action Plan (value $27) 

Price to Profit Calculator (value $97)

 Cut & Paste Templates (value $247) 

 Editable Canva Template (Priceless!)

Zero Pressure Sales System (value $247) 

Killer Referral Program (value $197)

Swipe File of Proven Agreements (value $47) 

 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: $100,000 a Month Case Study (value $97)


Total Value: $997

$297 Today!

YES! I Want The Service Agreement Toolkit


7 Reasons

To Get Your Service Agreements Done Now:

 Reason #1: Don't Start Each Month From Zero

Imagine having all of your overhead expense covered on the first of every month no matter what the weather or the economy is doing. Relax about juggling money and chasing debts to pay payroll every month - recurring income improves cash flow - which is the life blood of your business.

Reason #2: A Stable Business Model

Every service business owner who has ever reached financial security and built a legacy business has had a solid base of maintenance agreement customers to feed their business. This is the foundation to creating generational wealth.

Reason #3: Massive Return on Investment

This will pay you back 1,000 or more, and keep on paying you for all the years you are in business. Once you have this system in place you can’t stop it! It quickly becomes an automatic way of doing things and will grow your business on autopilot forever!

Reason #4: Recurring Revenue Machine

This is not about just getting your maintenance agreement done - it is about setting up a system that will work automatically and grow your business on autopilot every single day for the rest of the time you are in business.

Reason #5: Get Your Time Back

Stop working all the hours and missing your family growing up whilst you are grinding out a living. Recurring income brings a certain peace of mind and freedom with it. Spend more quality time with the people you love!

Reason #6: Stay Busy All Year

What shoulder season? Remove weather dependent seasonality from your business because you get paid if it rains or shines. A solid base of service customers means you have a resource to feed your business all year - as well as a place to train train and grow your own team.

Reason #7: Grow Your Net Worth

Stop working for nothing! If you don't have a database of service customers then you just have a job, and when you eventually come to sell - you will be crying into your beer. Don’t give away your life’s work for peanuts - start building value today.

What Others Are Saying:


The 4-STEP

Service Agreement Toolkit







Create Your Agreement

Putting your agreement together can be a challenge if you don’t have a solid formula to follow.

Don’t worry, I will give you the simple structure and proven cut and paste examples that have already generated thousands of sales.







Create Your 
Sales Brochure

Relax! No creative design skills required!

You will see real life examples of top selling brochures to inspire you plus you get a simple briefing template to fill in that will guide your local printer to get it done in no time

... OR...








Zero Pressure
Sales System

Say goodbye to high pressure sales or over complicated explanations and watch as your customers ask YOU about your service plan!

All you need to do is follow a simple bulletproof sequence and the sales will roll in







Watch Your
Business Grow

Once you have this system in place - it is hard to stop! And your recurring monthly revenue will just keep on increasing month over month over month.

It quickly becomes automatic will grow your business on autopilot until you retire or sell.

Service agreements will change the shape and the health of your business and your future


YES! I Want The Service Agreement Tooklit

Here is Evererything You Need to Go

From Zero To 100
Service Agreements

In Just 30 Days!


The Service Agreement Toolkit

Forget about overwhelm and procrastination because you aren’t sure where to start.

The Service Agreement Toolkit is a step by step process with short instructional videos and more importantly exact steps, checklists and swipe files to make your life easy.

These action steps will help you take action immediately to create your service agreement in just a few short hours of work, and be selling it less than a week from now.

Bonus #1

Price to Profit Calculator

Getting the price right for your service agreement can be a challenge if your don't have The Price For Profit Calculator.

Don't worry. I will give you a bulletproof pricing structure based upon the complete business model framework.

Bonus #2

Cut & Paste Agreement Templates

Stop overthinking what to include in your service agreement - there can be too much to consider.

Make it easier for yourself.

Use the Proven Cut & Paste Templates and menus of proven sales triggers to quickly craft your unique service agreement with confidence.

Bonus #3

Hack Your Brochure Swipe Files & Design Briefing Template

You don’t need to be a designer to get your sales brochure done.

Browse our swipe file of existing proven service agreement brochures for inspiration.

Then using our design brief template you can hand this off with confidence to your designer or printer, and they will know exactly what you need for a professional design job...

- OR -


Bonus #4

Zero Pressure Sales System

Never hard-sell your customers again, but instead get them to ASK YOU about your service agreement!

Use this simple step by step proven Zero Pressure Sales Process to start getting sales in the home fast... and capture the lifetime value of your customers on autopilot.

The good news is that your customers AND your service techs will love you for this simple, friendly no brainer way to tell rather than sell. It is bulletproof!

Bonus #5

Killer Referral Program

Don’t leave money on the table just because you don’t have a solid way to ask for and get referrals.

This Killer Referral Program for Service Agreement Customers will quickly turn one call into many new calls. It is simple, fast and effective and your customers will love you for it.

Learn From a Real
4% Success Story!

Who Used This Exact Same System & Strategy to Turn His Business Around...



Act Quickly & Get This
FAST-Action Bonus

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will disappear forever very soon.



FAST-Action Bonus:

$100,000 a Month Case Study



 From $480k a Year to
$1M a Month in less than two years.


There is nothing better than to hear a real life example of how The Service Agreement Toolkit has been successfully implemented by an owner operator just like you.

Listen to a full interview with Gord - the owner of a struggling HVAC business, and how he has changed his fortunes by implementing service agreements in his business.

He shares the strategies and thinking that turned his business from doing sales of $480k a year and barely making profit, to now having multi million dollar annual sales and a recurring monthly revenue from service agreements of over $100,000 - using the exact process you will discover in the Service Agreement Toolkit.


P.S. Once this promotion is over, this bonus will disappear forever.


Here is EVERYTHING You Need to Go

From Zero to 100
Service Agreements
in Just 30 Days!


Fast Start Action Plan (value $27) 

Price to Profit Calculator (value $97)

 Cut & Paste Templates (value $247)

 Editable Canva Template (Priceless!)

 Zero Pressure Sales System (value $247) 

Killer Referral Program (value $197)

Swipe File of Proven Agreements (value $47) 

 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: $100,000 a Month Case Study (value $97)


Total Value: $997

$297 Today!

YES! I Want The Service Agreement Toolkit

Hi, I am Nick McDonald...
… Founder of High Growth Coach 


… and I have helped thousands of small business owners all over the globe to create consistent recurring monthly revenue in their business without having to reinvent the wheel or make any radical changes to what they already do every day.

I am a Business Performance Improvement Specialist and now focus on helping the trades and home services industries.

I am grateful to have worked with over 2,500 individuals and companies since I have been consulting, and have touched over $1 Billion in sales and more than
$100 Million of paid advertising.

My mission is to help small business owners gain confidence in the future of their company and so live more fulfilling lives - without financial uncertainty and overwhelm.

And right now I help service businesses to utilise the Service Agreement Toolkit, because in my opinion, it is one of the best strategies to grow your business predictably without wasting time in 2021 and beyond...

30-Day Money Back Guarantee


 Look. Let’s be honest. You don’t know me (probably), I don’t know you.

Why should you trust me when there is a high chance you have bought a course before from somebody else (who you didn’t know at that time) and it flopped, right?

I decided to take all the risks from your shoulders and give you a full 30 days to go through the program.

If you do not feel it is worth the money you have paid, or you just don't like it for whatever reason, then we will give you a full refund - you can request this from right inside your account. No quibble.


Say BYE, BYE to...


The hamster wheel of feast and famine, and leaving your livelihood to be determined by the weather. Legacy business owners build a customer base that keeps them busy all year.

Slow, slooow growth of your business. Buckle up. Because if you follow this simple formula you will set a new direction for your business that will skyrocket your long-term success. 

Procrastination because you don’t know where to start, or you are afraid of getting it wrong. With this toolkit you can get straight to the money and be up and selling your agreement in just a few days from now.

Now is the time to finally get your service agreement done!

Use Service Agreements to get
stability through 
recurring monthly revenue.

YES! I Want The Service Agreement Toolkit

Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it really take to get my agreement set up and selling?

Well - Jacob in Florida sorted his agreement out in less than a week and sold 24 out of 24 attempts in the first three weeks of launching. The toolkit is step by step and the short videos that go with it are only a couple of hours altogether. With some focus, you can have your service agreement done in a morning, and be selling it a few.

Do I need any design skills?

No. We recommend having the design of your brochure done professionally. But don’t worry, our simple template can be used as a briefing document for your designer, and there are plenty of examples to inspire you.

What else is this going to cost me?

There is nothing else to buy from us in order to get your agreement up and running. The only additional expense would be to get your sales brochure designed and printed - which is usually a couple of hundred dollars if that.
But even this is not essential to getting started - one of our students simply wrote it out in a Word Document and printed a load off, and he has been selling his agreements very well so far this year.

What if I already have an agreement in place - will this still help me?

Yes - especially the zero pressure sales process, and the killer referral program. Getting your techs to remember to sell it, or to sell it at all is often hard - so knowing these strategies will help you to boost your sales fast.

If you invest the small amount for the Promotion and the Retention offers that go with this Toolkit, then you will be able to use the information and tools in there to grow your business much faster.

The chances are, if you are not selling your existing agreement there will be a reason behind it. This toolkit and training will help you identify what needs to change so you can fix it fast.

How is this different from other courses?

Well, it is a toolkit which gives you actual tools you can use to get your agreement done. It is not a fluffy theory filled training course. It is simple tools to help you quickly get your own service agreement done and out there following a proven process that takes all the thinking out of it for you.


I have a large database of regular customers - is this still for me?

Yes - it is definitely for you. If you have a large data base of existing customers and you don’t offer a service agreement then you are missing out. I would recommend that you buy the promotion pack as this will show you how you can convert at least 25% of your existing database to monthly paying service agreement customers.

I have no database of customers - will this still work?

Yes - you have to start from somewhere and capturing the lifetime value of your customers and locking them into you is the most sensible thing you can do in your business. This Toolkit will help you to create a process to start building your database immediately - and get paid for doing it too!


What if I don’t like it and decide it isn’t for me?

No worries! You are covered by our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for whatever reason you are unhappy with this toolkit, then simply contact us within 3o days of your purchase and we will refund your money without a quibble.

What support is available to help me if I get stuck?

There is a Facebook Community you can join for free where you can get support, advice and feedback on your service agreement. If you get stuck, you can ask for help in there and we’ll help you move forward as smoothly as we can. We are here to help you and want to see you succeed.


Here is EVERYTHING You Need to Go

From Zero to 100
Service Agreements
in Just 30 Days!


Fast Start Action Plan (value $27) 

Price to Profit Calculator (value $97)

 Cut & Paste Templates (value $247) 

 Editable Canva Template (Priceless!)

Zero Pressure Sales System (value $247) 

Killer Referral Program (value $197)

Swipe File of Proven Agreements (value $47) 

 🎁 Fast-Action Bonus: $100,000 a Month Case Study (value $97)


Total Value: $997

$297 Today!

YES! I Want The Service Agreement Toolkit