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It's Actually Never About You!

Whatever business you are in currently, or trying to get in to, you will encounter other people.  How you connect with the people around you will directly determine your level of success.

An important lesson I learned from a much younger colleague of mine some years ago is this..

"It doesn't matter how you feel about them - what matters is how they make you feel."

He went on to say "If they are not bringing you love and laughter, hope and inspiration or contributing to your personal growth or uplifting your spirit in some way, then why do you allow them to stay in your life?"

As simple as that one is, it had a truly profound effect on me, and as a result I actually cut some people out of my life - (including my now ex - wife).

But thinking about this in another way has really changed my thinking and enriched my relationships with the people around me.  

Instead of considering this from my own personal point of view, I realised that every other person is thinking this as well about all the people they have in their lives, and about every personal interaction they have with other people every day - and that included me!

If I wasn't adding to their lives in some way, then why would they be interested in what I had to say?

We all want to feel important and feel like we matter.  We all like to be listened to. Taking a little bit of extra time to make the other person in your life feel better about themselves will pay massive dividends to you - and to them.  

Giving someone a great customer experience requires a little bit more time. Talking through a problem with your children sometimes requires a little bit more patience or understanding.  

Helping someone to take a decision through discovery is much better than simply telling them what to do.

All of these things lead the other person to value you more.  Every interaction you have is an opportunity to enrich the life of the other person.  If we were to all do this all of the time, consider for a minute what kind of a place the world would be.

Start today.  In your business, with your list of subscribers, with your family, with a stranger asking for your help.  

Treating other people in the moment as if they were one of the most important people in your life will have a huge impact on you, your business and your continued success.  

I challenge you to try it for the next thirty days. If you do - then let me know your results...

As always, thank you for reading and keep smiling!


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