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Overcoming The Storms Of Business - Andy's Success Story


Back in the day - not that far back in the day, but a little while ago - there was a frustrated HVAC business owner called Andy.

Every day, Andy struggled with the challenge of working *on* his business instead of *in* his business. He wasn’t seeing the growth he wanted and there were days when he felt like jumping off a cliff.

One day, someone recommended the Foundation Kit to Andy. He got on a call with Nick to find out what it was all about and decided to get on board straight away.

Because of that, Andy got clear very quickly about what he needed to do and he started to work on the areas of his business with the biggest opportunities for change.

He was able to clear out the crap and get the right processes and systems in place that now means he has work booked for weeks in advance and a consistent income.

Today, Andy is on track to do 3x the revenue he did last year, and should finish this year at $3m.

Andy is thinking like a true CEO now, with clarity and focus.

He has stepped...

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