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What I Learned From Two Days Talking To Distressed Businesses


So I have just spent two days solid running a "Clinic" talking to HVAC business owners - all of whom were distressed in some way. So I thought I would share what I have learned with you.

No business, too much business, lots of sales but no money in the bank, feeling out of control - trapped and one guy told me he felt like his business was a prison.

There are people hurting out there - all good hard working family people that for whatever reason have lost their way.

A lack of some form of business education was the root cause of the issues I heard. Lack of strategy, thinking, planning.

Some simple yet critical things missing or done badly in their business causing them significant pain.

Here is what I know....(and it makes me happy that they all start with a C - simple things please simple minds)

1) Culture - poor culture is a killer. It leads to bad attitudes and poor performance from your people. And that was the number one biggest issue. Poor culture = piss poor people performance.

2) Cash Flow - so many people just don't know their numbers well enough and as a result make poor decisions and end up working for not enough profit.

3) Consolidation - because business is abundant - people grow too fast (without thinking) and never take time to consolidate their business. They just go for growth. Which is a bad move! With consolidation comes simplification, and simple means more profitable.

4) Clarity - everyone I spoke to already knew what they needed to do. Everybody. But they had just not considered every option. So many people said they were out of options - trapped - and had closed off to alternative or creative thinking.

Asking yourself different questions, or better questions will always bring better outcomes.

Simply talking your issues through with someone who is not as attached to your business as you are is truly enlightening for most people.

More info in the video.

I thought it is always worth sharing as if you are going through pain and hurting in your business, it is good to know you are not alone, and that there is always a solution within you.

Thank you to all of you who reached out.


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