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How to handle "I think you're too expensive"


We have all heard it - "well... I think you are too expensive".

This is a common issue, but it only comes up if you have not laid the ground with your customer and properly helped them see the value that you offer, and the impact you can have on their lives with the products and service you can bring to them.

There will also always be the sticker shock.  Most home services interventions are an unexpected distress purchase. Nobody expects to be replacing their ac unit, and when it comes up it eats into their disposable income and something else usually has to give.

So your customers are wrestling with this and are generally unhappy about the situation they find themselves in - and sometimes you can really feel that and feel their pain - which is why many companies believe that they can only compete on price.

But this is not true.  

Once your customer has accepted the reality of their situation, they enter into buying mode and are receptive to consider many other factors other than just price.

A great way to think about this is to consider this - you think we are expensive - but compared to what?  In life it is commonly understood that you get what you pay for - so if cheap is what you want then there will be a consequence to that.  

This short video gives you a framework to talk to the customer about to kind of help set some expectations, and to talk them through what it is you are actually offering, and how your premium service will positively impact their lives.

I hope it helps you.



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