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Be More Like Ron...


For fourteen long, hard years, Ron worked as an owner operator running his own HVAC business.

Every year he would work his ass off all summer, and make enough to tide him over through the winter.

No matter what he tried, he could never seem to up level his business to where he knew he could take it.

The harder he worked, the more people he served and the more good he did in his community, but his result was always the same - just enough left for him.

One day he came across the Foundation Kit, and started talking to Nick about his business.

Very quickly he could see that what he had been doing all these years had not been serving him.

He realised that he had a lot more to offer his customers and decided to change his approach.

Because of this, he experimented with his sales presentations, and just by changing his mindset he banked an extra $2,500 profit from his next two jobs without even trying.

He didn’t change his price book. He didn’t work out his presentations and go for the hard sell.

He just knew his value.

Now he is on his way to making more money every time, plus adding more value to his customers who are happy to pay him the extra - more than he had ever charged in the past.

He is keeping more of the money he is making and on his way to taking back control of his cash flow and enjoying his business once more.

He has up levelled once.

He is about to up level again.

And once that is in place, he will up level again for a third time.

Be more like Ron 


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