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A New Confidence Out Of Clarity


It truly lights me up to see our members actually experience a rapid personal transformation.

Our starting point is that everyone in business has everything they need to succeed.

No one is broken, or needs fixing. 

You don't have to scrap everything you have done and start again.

 You already know enough.  Have enough.  Are enough.

The biggest problem is that most people do not see it for themselves.

 The clutter of everyday life, of habitual thinking, and being sucked into the treacle of business stops them from reaching that clarity.

 As soon as they step outside their business and take the 40,000 foot view, things change.

 They see a new potential and opportunity for themselves.

 Some people say they have to see it to believe it, and others say they will believe it when they see it.

 I say, you need to accept it is possible first, you need to first see a path that you believe you can tread.  You need to map out your climb, looking...

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Success & Happiness Out Of Clarity - Michelle's Story


I want to share a story of a young married couple with a dream to own their own business.

Michelle and Chad started out with only $5,000 to their name whilst Michelle was pregnant with their first child.

They worked hard and their business grew very quickly - much quicker than they had ever dreamed of or thought possible.

But with rapid growth came chaos, friction, stress and loooong working hours.

They had built a million dollar business, but they felt they were losing control of it.  Every day was like a bad dream filled with frustration and worry - call backs, cash flow problems, people issues - Michelle felt that she needed help with everything!!

The stress of working in a chaotic environment was damaging their relationship, and eating into the precious time they could spend with their young family.  They grew sick of it, and felt they had created a nightmare job for themselves!  Michelle was at the point of leaving their business to look for something else to...

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Success Story - Business Tripled Within A Year!


Here is a story about an unbelievable transformation.

Gord & Steve were running an HVAC business turning over $470K a year.

They had taken the business over from the ageing owner, and quickly found out it was crippled by poor cash flow and had no systems or processes in place at all.

This meant that everyday was a struggle. They were juggling invoices and payments, running calls and wearing every hat there was to wear but not getting anywhere or making any money.

They were stressed out because they were stuck in a fire fight and too busy dodging bullets to work out an escape plan for fear of getting shot. So they just worked harder and harder, never seeing their families, eating badly and burning themselves out.

One day someone they knew recommended The Foundation Kit to them. They jumped on a call with Nick and decided to give it a go.

On their first call with Nick, they had light bulbs going off in their heads about how they needed to change their business.

They could see a...

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Business Growing Pains - Charlie's Success Story


Charlie has pretty much tripled everything in his business in the last year - his sales, his costs, his people - so he shared his story on this impromptu Q&A that turned into a coaching call of sorts.

Charlie talks you though how he has handled the greatest year of change in his business to date - his mindset, his management thinking and his organisation and decision making.

If you are wondering what getting clear and scaling your business with a plan looks and feels like - then this is growth in action right here - and some of it is ugly!

Especially the biggest sales month with nothing left over at the end of it - ouch!  But it was all good and all planned in - but it still hurts to say it out loud.

We are so proud and impressed with Charlie and how he has handled his success - he has both feet on the ground and ambitious plans for growth.

Go Charlie!



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Be More Like Ron...


For fourteen long, hard years, Ron worked as an owner operator running his own HVAC business.

Every year he would work his ass off all summer, and make enough to tide him over through the winter.

No matter what he tried, he could never seem to up level his business to where he knew he could take it.

The harder he worked, the more people he served and the more good he did in his community, but his result was always the same - just enough left for him.

One day he came across the Foundation Kit, and started talking to Nick about his business.

Very quickly he could see that what he had been doing all these years had not been serving him.

He realised that he had a lot more to offer his customers and decided to change his approach.

Because of this, he experimented with his sales presentations, and just by changing his mindset he banked an extra $2,500 profit from his next two jobs without even trying.

He didn’t change his price book. He didn’t work out his presentations and...

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Overcoming The Storms Of Business - Andy's Success Story


Back in the day - not that far back in the day, but a little while ago - there was a frustrated HVAC business owner called Andy.

Every day, Andy struggled with the challenge of working *on* his business instead of *in* his business. He wasn’t seeing the growth he wanted and there were days when he felt like jumping off a cliff.

One day, someone recommended the Foundation Kit to Andy. He got on a call with Nick to find out what it was all about and decided to get on board straight away.

Because of that, Andy got clear very quickly about what he needed to do and he started to work on the areas of his business with the biggest opportunities for change.

He was able to clear out the crap and get the right processes and systems in place that now means he has work booked for weeks in advance and a consistent income.

Today, Andy is on track to do 3x the revenue he did last year, and should finish this year at $3m.

Andy is thinking like a true CEO now, with clarity and focus.

He has stepped...

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An Additional $1M In Less Than A Year - Eric's Story


Eric was one of our very first online students - and he approached the training and the coaching seriously.

In his first ten months working with us, he added a cool $1 million onto his sales without spending any more money on advertising - he simply fixed a few leaks in his business.

He talks about his growing pains and biggest learnings - which may surprise you.

Do the work, and get a coach - a great message of inspiration and transformation from a truly great businessman.

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