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Even With A Guide You Still Have To Make The Climb

I had a coaching call with a long standing one on one client today - who to be brutally honest was finding every excuse under the sun not to do something.

Loads of justifiable reasons that were legitimate or understandable.

So I kind of lost it with him a bit and gave him some harsh truth to chew on.

It went a bit like this….

Here is the thing - what you do depends entirely upon your perspective!

Upon where you’re starting point is. Upon what you stand for. And what is your desired outcome.

Instead of asking “how can I avoid getting sore when I go to the gym?” you could ask “how can I get to be the fittest version of myself possible?”

In life, if something is worth having, then you are going to get hurt getting it. There is no avoiding that.

There is no easy path - even with a guide you still have to make the climb, and climbing is hard and risky.

Reasons or results. What do you have most of?

Are you asking victim questions or survivor questions?

Because your answers will set your attitude and determine your results.

Think about this. Our ancestors lived in caves, fought bitter winters and wild animals to protect and raise their families.

The fact that you are even here at all, with liberty and free to choose to complain about shit that doesn’t matter is because your ancestors fought and died for it.

Some people are still fighting to protect it right now.

Your forefathers gave their lives for your freedom. Your ancestors survived much greater hardships than you will ever endure in your lifetime.

You are the result of 15 billion years of successful evolution.

You are the current incarnation of the most intelligent life form for literally millions and millions of miles, and your species rules the planet you live on.

So act like it!

Stop finding reasons to justify not doing what you need to do to get the outcome you want….


.....I think the call went well!

If you work with us, we tell you like it is, because sometimes people need to hear it to get the best out of themselves!

If you want to grow, you have to do stuff you don't like to do. So stop looking for another way - just fucking do it.


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