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Success & Happiness Out Of Clarity - Michelle's Story


I want to share a story of a young married couple with a dream to own their own business.

Michelle and Chad started out with only $5,000 to their name whilst Michelle was pregnant with their first child.

They worked hard and their business grew very quickly - much quicker than they had ever dreamed of or thought possible.

But with rapid growth came chaos, friction, stress and loooong working hours.

They had built a million dollar business, but they felt they were losing control of it.  Every day was like a bad dream filled with frustration and worry - call backs, cash flow problems, people issues - Michelle felt that she needed help with everything!!

The stress of working in a chaotic environment was damaging their relationship, and eating into the precious time they could spend with their young family.  They grew sick of it, and felt they had created a nightmare job for themselves!  Michelle was at the point of leaving their business to look for something else to escape the stress the business was putting on her family and herself.

One day, Michelle came across High Growth Coach, and decided to give them a go.  Pretty much immediately, Michelle could see she had been dealing with the symptoms of problems in her business, and not the cause.

After just a few calls with Nick, she had clearly identified her biggest pain points, analysed what was working, broken and missing in just a few areas of her business, and then set about making the small adjustments needed to regain control.

Michelle and Chad are smart business people.  They had all the knowledge, all the connections and the right strategies they needed - they had already built a multi million dollar business from scratch.  

But they were too busy dodging bullets in a fire fight to see things clearly.  Once they had identified what to focus on first, and then next, and then next… things became a lot easier.  Michelle knew what she needed to do - she could now see a path - and she started to fly!

With clarity comes focus, and with focus comes concentrated action, and with concentrated action comes results.

Now, their business is still growing at the same pace - but the difference is that they are in total control.  They have peace of mind, financial freedom, more free time and have built a fantastic culture and a strong loyal team around them.

Where there was once chaos, there is now a calm confidence that keeps them balanced when tricky times and unexpected challenges come knocking at their door.  The thing is now, they can handle it and overcome it.

This year they have invested in a fantastic lake house so they can spend quality down time with their family, and they have the time to plan 2020 - when they are breaking ground on a 13,000 square foot purpose built new build facility to accommodate the next phase of their business growth.

It is truly humbling to see great people like Michelle and Chad build such an awesome business. 

Well done to you both - a truly inspirational story.  


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