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Success Story - Business Tripled Within A Year!


Here is a story about an unbelievable transformation.

Gord & Steve were running an HVAC business turning over $470K a year.

They had taken the business over from the ageing owner, and quickly found out it was crippled by poor cash flow and had no systems or processes in place at all.

This meant that everyday was a struggle. They were juggling invoices and payments, running calls and wearing every hat there was to wear but not getting anywhere or making any money.

They were stressed out because they were stuck in a fire fight and too busy dodging bullets to work out an escape plan for fear of getting shot. So they just worked harder and harder, never seeing their families, eating badly and burning themselves out.

One day someone they knew recommended The Foundation Kit to them. They jumped on a call with Nick and decided to give it a go.

On their first call with Nick, they had light bulbs going off in their heads about how they needed to change their business.

They could see a route out of the fire fight they had been stuck in and quite literally within a few hours of their first call had started to implement the ideas and changes they knew were needed in their business.

It was like they were able to see clearly again for the first time in years. No magic silver bullet - just clarity and a proven strategy - oh, and a calculator!

Because of this new direction, they solved their cash flow problem within a few months, became way more profitable, and developed a sales process to generate a massive recurring income they could come to rely on.

Today, just a few short months after signing up for the FK, their business had already banked $1.1 million by the end of Q2 - more than double what they had taken the entire previous year.

They are on track to take $2.2 million for the whole year - meaning they will have tripled their business in their first year in the FK Mastermind.

Their cash flow problems are over because they are on track to have $250,000 a year in recurring income from their maintenance agreements by the end of December 2019, and have embedded a process that now makes the regular acquisition of new maintenance customers predictable and certain.

Steve has had his first vacation with his family in six years - and at the height of the summer - and has left his work phone at home. Gord takes every Friday off and works in an office that does not have a phone in it either.

A few short months ago, they were down, tired and warn out. 

It has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with thinking differently.

An unbelievable transformation? For you maybe. It is an every day occurrence in our world.

Gord’s advice - "Does the FK Program work? Yes it does. If you are not doing it then you are an idiot!"

We think so too.


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