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Business Growing Pains - Charlie's Success Story


Charlie has pretty much tripled everything in his business in the last year - his sales, his costs, his people - so he shared his story on this impromptu Q&A that turned into a coaching call of sorts.

Charlie talks you though how he has handled the greatest year of change in his business to date - his mindset, his management thinking and his organisation and decision making.

If you are wondering what getting clear and scaling your business with a plan looks and feels like - then this is growth in action right here - and some of it is ugly!

Especially the biggest sales month with nothing left over at the end of it - ouch!  But it was all good and all planned in - but it still hurts to say it out loud.

We are so proud and impressed with Charlie and how he has handled his success - he has both feet on the ground and ambitious plans for growth.

Go Charlie!




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