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How Much Is My HVAC Business Worth?


How much is my HVAC business worth? 

The brutal truth is often nowhere near what you think it should be.

It's like being told that your baby is ugly, but this is something that Patrick Lange of The Business Modification Group has to tell people most days.

Patrick has shared his expert wisdom and in depth knowledge of the current market for buying and selling HVAC businesses across the US.

From a business brokerage point of view, there are three big things that a buyer is looking for in a business that drives the sales price up, and three things that may impact the value of your business in a negative way.

1) Maintenance Agreements

Buyers want to see real relationships with your customers that generate recurring revenue.  They simply pay more for a business that is focused on service.

2) Clean Books

If you have not been banking the cash, using your business account like your personal checking account, and for want of a better expression creatively accounting for taking cash...

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