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Stop Being Screwed By The General Contractor


Most of you will have done work or be planning to do work in the future for General Contractors, right?

 Well, before you go any further, listen to this.

 In today’s episode, Nick will take through the sequence of 6 golden questions to ask any contractor before agreeing to work with them.

 Grab a pen and paper and write this down!!

 It will mean that you give away less of your margin if you do!

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How To Maximize Your Profits


The truth is that most small business owners tend to focus on getting the sale, often at the cost of profit.

They offer value upon value to clinch the deal, which provides a great service to the Customer, but the reality is that it is hard to maintain that value with no profit.

In today’s blog, Nick shares another golden piece of advice to help you continue to offer outstanding value whilst ensuring that you maximize the profits for your business.

Learn about the ‘Minimum Effective Dose’ and make your business headaches go away.

High Growth Coach.Com provides you with everything you need to be successful in business.



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How Not To Suck At Marketing


Here is one strategy that you can learn and apply to all of your marketing, advertising and sales conversations that will help you to connect on a deeper level with your customers - and in doing so convert more sales.

Problem - Agitation - Solution.

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Want to sell more service agreements?


Want to sell more service agreements?

Let's talk about the TWO most important ways to do that right NOW…

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Nobody Likes A Salesman - Right?

Everyone I know loves to buy stuff.  My wife loves to buy stuff. My kids, my business partner, my neighbours, my friends.

Everybody has stuff in their house or home that they wanted and went out and bought.  Buying stuff we want is not a problem for any of us.

If you won the lottery today - how much shit would you buy tomorrow?  Some people have even planned it all out just in case they get lucky.

Imagine just booking a vacation?  We love to sift and sought through what is available - that is part of the experience.  What we really want, where to go and where to stay. We are mindful of the price, but in general we can’t wait to get it paid off because we want the vacation!

It is not just buying stuff we want we like doing.  Buying stuff we need is also not a problem. You need a new car - you sort it out and get one.  You need kids school shoes - you make the trip and come back with some. Your printer breaks - no problem - you go straight on...

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