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Be More Like Ron...


For fourteen long, hard years, Ron worked as an owner operator running his own HVAC business.

Every year he would work his ass off all summer, and make enough to tide him over through the winter.

No matter what he tried, he could never seem to up level his business to where he knew he could take it.

The harder he worked, the more people he served and the more good he did in his community, but his result was always the same - just enough left for him.

One day he came across the Foundation Kit, and started talking to Nick about his business.

Very quickly he could see that what he had been doing all these years had not been serving him.

He realised that he had a lot more to offer his customers and decided to change his approach.

Because of this, he experimented with his sales presentations, and just by changing his mindset he banked an extra $2,500 profit from his next two jobs without even trying.

He didn’t change his price book. He didn’t work out his presentations and...

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Ever wanted to increase your prices but feel like you would lose jobs?

Who sets your pricing in the first place?

Your Customers? You?


In today’s episode, Nick takes through how to break through the pricing ceiling and set the right prices for your business.

High Growth Coach.Com provides you with everything you need to be successful in business.



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Do you recognise any of these issues within your business?

Cashflow, Billing, Sales, Leads, Training, Recruitment, Pricing

I bet you do…… and I bet they are making you feel overwhelmed and stressed

What is the root cause of these issues… or symptoms?

It’s time to get off the hamster wheel, take some time to think about these symptoms and causes and make a plan to fix these.

Listen and act!  Otherwise overwhelm will impact not just your business, but your health, your relationships and your life.

Stop working IN your business and start working ON it instead.

High Growth Coach.Com provides you with everything you need to be successful in business. 



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How Not To Suck At Marketing


Here is one strategy that you can learn and apply to all of your marketing, advertising and sales conversations that will help you to connect on a deeper level with your customers - and in doing so convert more sales.

Problem - Agitation - Solution.

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Overcoming The Storms Of Business - Andy's Success Story


Back in the day - not that far back in the day, but a little while ago - there was a frustrated HVAC business owner called Andy.

Every day, Andy struggled with the challenge of working *on* his business instead of *in* his business. He wasn’t seeing the growth he wanted and there were days when he felt like jumping off a cliff.

One day, someone recommended the Foundation Kit to Andy. He got on a call with Nick to find out what it was all about and decided to get on board straight away.

Because of that, Andy got clear very quickly about what he needed to do and he started to work on the areas of his business with the biggest opportunities for change.

He was able to clear out the crap and get the right processes and systems in place that now means he has work booked for weeks in advance and a consistent income.

Today, Andy is on track to do 3x the revenue he did last year, and should finish this year at $3m.

Andy is thinking like a true CEO now, with clarity and focus.

He has stepped...

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Want to sell more service agreements?


Want to sell more service agreements?

Let's talk about the TWO most important ways to do that right NOW…

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$84 a billable hour to $334...


Randy in Colorado Springs had a realisation - shifted his thinking, and moved from $300K to just over $1M in a year...

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Even With A Guide You Still Have To Make The Climb

I had a coaching call with a long standing one on one client today - who to be brutally honest was finding every excuse under the sun not to do something.

Loads of justifiable reasons that were legitimate or understandable.

So I kind of lost it with him a bit and gave him some harsh truth to chew on.

It went a bit like this….

Here is the thing - what you do depends entirely upon your perspective!

Upon where you’re starting point is. Upon what you stand for. And what is your desired outcome.

Instead of asking “how can I avoid getting sore when I go to the gym?” you could ask “how can I get to be the fittest version of myself possible?”

In life, if something is worth having, then you are going to get hurt getting it. There is no avoiding that.

There is no easy path - even with a guide you still have to make the climb, and climbing is hard and risky.

Reasons or results. What do you have most of?

Are you asking victim questions or survivor...

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Untapped Resources


Do you really know what resources you have available to help and support your business?

If you knew what you had, it would help to make your goals more achievable, because you would know what opportunities you have to leverage.

Grab a pen and paper and let Nick tell you about some of the untapped resources you probably don’t even realise you have at your fingertips. Write this down, it’s gold dust!

For more in-depth trainings like this, join the FREE Business Academy here:

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How To Get Out Of The Good Times Bad Times Cycle

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